Friday, July 07, 2006

The New Services are Still Coming for Blogitive

We will be entering production on our new services very soon and look forward to launching a revamped version of Blogitive in the next few months. The goal is to create a marketplace for Bloggers and we only have the first service for this marketplace launched right now. Check back in the near future to get an update on our progress.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Coming Soon to Blogitive

In less than a month Blogitive will be going through some changes. The website will be redesgined and will have more information for the Bloggers to learn about the system. Some common errors will also be fixed in this update. The current service will updated to a News Release service for our clients. The system will be a way for companies to submit News Releases to Bloggers and get noticed through the Blogosphere. The two other services that will be launching will be Ghost Writing and NewsNerve Syndication.

Ghost Writing will be paying Bloggers to write content for our clients websites or write articles for anyone looking for writing services. I know many Bloggers are looking forward to this service because they want more ways to write for a living.

NewsNerve is a news syndication application that Bloggers can put on their index page and whenever a reader clicks on a news headline the Blogger earns money for the clickthrough. The system works just like AdWords but instead of Ads the content is real headlines from major news sources.

We are always looking for ways to create more services for our Bloggers and Clients and we will welcome any ideas from our readers.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Marketplace for Bloggers to Make Money

Blogitive is a great way for Bloggers to earn extra money. Right now, you can make money blogging by posting about our clients. Soon we will we will be adding new features that will give everyone the ability to make more money in many different ways. Some of the features that will be coming are adding a News feed to your Blog and getting paid when your readers click on the News information. We will also be giving you the ability to write for our Clients on their Blogs and get paid for each post you write. We will be expanding this as much as possible in the near future and hope to make this a great way for Bloggers to earn an extra income doing what you love.